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Corpus Christi procession

As you all know, we've celebrated Corpus Christi yesterday, the evening mass was celebrated at the usual time (7:00 pm) Fr. Svetozar was the main celebrant. After the holy mass a procession was formed with the altar boys leading, about 60 priests followed.  Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic carried the monstrance until the first stop then Fr. Stjepan Martinovic took over until we reached the second stop where Fr. Svetozar took over again until we reached the Church. I have attached two photos that show the number of people that joined the procession and attended  the service. 

Corpus Christi procession Corpus Christi

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
Memorial cross

Memorial cross. Good afternoon, just a short newsflash to share this with you all. The first part of the memorial for the victims of the WWII and the recent war for the people that gave their lives for the freedom of the Croatian people that lived in our parish. This 9.5 meter (31feet) tall cross and another 2 meters (6.5 feet) in the ground as the foundation was built out of reinforced concrete and erected last night. The location that was chosen is located half way up from the church to the Cross Mountain next to the recently built children’s playground and the mini soccer court. The second part to come soon will be a marble monument with the names of the victims. At that time the surrounding of the memorial and the cross it self will get the final furnishing touches and for now here is a photo of the cross.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
Beautiful story...

One day a while back, a man, his heart heavy with grief, was walking in the woods.
As he thought about his life this day, he knew many things were not right.
He thought about those who had lied about him back when he had a job.
His thoughts turned to those who had stolen his things and cheated him.
He remembered family that had passed on.
His mind turned to the illness he had, that no one could cure..
His very soul was filled with anger, resentment, and frustration.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
Until the Vatican rules, don’t dismiss Medjugorje

Hello all, I just wanted to share an article published by the The Catholic Herald (UK) June last year, I've seen the link to this article circulating but I never published. I don't exactly know why but at the time, I must have had a reason. Anyway, it is an interesting article, all credit goes to the The Catholic Herald (UK) - linked below.

John Ellis says Catholics should keep an open mind about the claims of the town's 'seers'

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
International Priests Seminar - invitation for all.

Priests... Dear friends of Medjugorje,

Some of you know and some are new to this but there is an annual retreat for priests organized here in Medjugorje. The local priests do their best to prepare the program with different lectures an services and a good proof that they are doing this good is the fast that the number of priests attending is constantly going up. As far as I remember there were over 700 priests for that week of July 2008.

It is 2009, July is two months away and the parish is preparing for this event (among other events) again. The program was released and the instructions and how to apply are on the same page, please click here.

Please click the READ MORE on the right to read the rest...

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
Beautiful Reasons for Praying the Rosary Even More Often

Praying the Holy Rosary... Father Gabriel Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican writes: One day a colleague of mine heard the devil say during an exorcism,  "Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head. If Christians knew how powerful the Rosary was, it would be my end." The secret that makes this prayer so effective is that the Rosary is  both prayer and meditation. It is addressed to the Father, to the Blessed Virgin, and to the Holy Trinity, and is a meditation centered on Christ. I write in addition to the above: Please enunciate each word of the Rosary clearly and distinctly. Do not trample on the heels of the words of anyone with your words. Do not speak over the leader if you are following or the respondent if you are leading the Rosary. Remember that they also are having a conversation with Mary Our Mother and it is not polite to speak when someone else is speaking. 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
Chicken A la Carte
Dear friends,
Now days, everyone is talking about recession and the crisis in the world. A well known quote says it all “We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.”

Please click the “read more” below and look through the movie attached, it won’t take much of your time but I will make you think and re-think about your own lives.

What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this family.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
Good Friday 2009

Prayer before the cross. Dear friends, I just wanted to reflect for a minute, as you all know, today is Good Friday or as some call it Great Friday, today we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. The day of the most severe suffering of our Savior. He undertook all of this for our salvation. Here in Medjugorje and in this region we try to commemorate this day in strict fasting on bread and water. As usual, the parish climbs the Cross Mountain on Fridays at 2 pm but today, the program was altered a bit. Organized climbing for the Germans took place at 7:30, for the English speaking at 8:30 and for the Italians at 9:30 and at 11:00 the Croatians and others. I went up at 11 as well. The group was quite large, if I had to guess I would say 7000 participants. Fr. Stijepan Martinovic conducted the prayer of the Was of the Cross, Fr. Danko Perutina and Brother Josip Katalinic helped. The boys from the Merciful Father community did a good job carrying the big speakers up. 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
Palm Sunday in Medjugorje

Dear Friends, as you all know, today is the begining of Jesus's passion, we celebrate this day as Palm Sunday. Here in Medjugorje we have a tradition to bring the olive and palm branches and other flowers for the blessing at the 11 o'clock mass. This usualy takes place at the round about where the foundation of the old church is and then the procession and guides the faithful towards the church of St. James where the singing of the passion of Jesus is conducted. The blessing and the procession was conducted by Fr. Tomislav Pervan and Fr. Vjeko Milićević, Fr. Tomislav was the main celebrant at mass. I've taken a few photos today, I hope they transferr a bit of Medjugorje to your homes. GOD BLESS.

Palm Sunday - blessing   Palm Sunday - procession Palm Sunday - English speaking pilgrims Palm Sunday - our choir

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
Our Lady's message given through Mirjana April 2nd. 2009.

Mirjana Soldo during apparition Dear children, God's love is in my words. My children, that is the love which desires to turn you to justice and truth. That is the love which desires to save you from delusion. And what about you, my children? Your hearts remain closed; they are hard and do not respond to my calls. They are insincere. With a motherly love I am praying for you, because I desire for all of you to resurrect in my Son. Thank you.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
My little assistants

Hello everyone, I've been quite busy over the past few days so I published very little news. I have a great group of people from the USA staying with me and my family. Being their guide and their pain the neck It is quite exhausting. Anyhow, things are eased by the tree little assistants I have as the members of the group, Damian,  the are the best assistants I've every head. They help me with their smiles, prayers, leading of the prayer program for the group and all the other little things they do. I hope you understand why I am sharing this with you all, I just wanted to tell you how good life is and it is so much easier having these little ones around. GOD BLESS.  p.s. I don't have a photo of Damian yet, but it will be posted shortly. :-)

Chloie and Haley Chloie

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )
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