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On the fourth day of the apparitions, Saturday, June 27, the local government authorities in Citluk became interested in the events in the parish of Medugorje, and summoned the six children for investigation. During this interrogation at the police station, the children remained firm in their contention that they had seen Our Lady. Then they were sent to be examined by the doctor on duty, Dr. Ante Vujevic. The children returned to hill, where crowds were waiting, when the time of the apparition was approaching. Marija, who was separated from the others, saw a special light and ran up the hill to follow it. When Marija had climbed approximately 20 meters higher than the place at which Our Lady had appeared on the second day, Our Lady was standing in front of her, then disappeared, all the while remaining perfectly silent. When the other visionaries joined her amidst the crowds, they began to pray - Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be - then sing. All the people on the hillside joined in the praying and singing. The children had a strong feeling that Our Lady would return, and she did. The children saw that the crowd was treading upon the Virgin's long veil, and told them not to, but by now the crowd was beyond control. Again, Our Lady disappeared. Some of the people tried to be more orderly, but when Our Lady reappeared, a boy stepped on her veil and again she disappeared. The next time Our Lady appeared, the people in the circle were more orderly, and the apparition lasted longer. The children asked Our Lady several questions. Fr. Jozo had asked if Our Lady had something to say to priests, and Our Lady said: “Let them believe strongly and guard their faith!” Vicka asked Our Lady to prove to those present that she is there. Our Lady said: “Let those who do not see believe as if they see.” Mirjana was greatly concerned by allegations of skeptics, who attributed the visions to the hallucinations of drug addicts or epileptics - and especially to herself. When she expressed this concern, Our Lady told her: “There is always injustice among people. Pay no attention to what such people say.” Mirjana, and all the other children, were greatly consoled by this. When Ivanka asked Our Lady her name, she responded: “I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.” Our Lady told the children: “You are my angels, my dear angels,” and promised she would return the next day. Fr. Zrinko Cuvalo, the associate pastor from the parish, and Fr. Viktor Kosir, accompanied the children to the hill, though they were not able to keep close to them because of the crowds and the speed with which the children went up the hill. This day was this first that a priest had gone with the children to the site of the apparitions. Darinka Glamuzina, a doctor with the ambulance squad in Citluk and a self-proclaimed atheist, was sent to the site of the apparitions to investigate. The testimony of those who saw her, as she came down the hill after the vision, is that she had been severely shocked by something. Later, she would have nothing more to do with the investigations. These details of the happenings of the fourth day are mostly from Marija's testimony, which was given to Fr. Jozo the next day, Sunday, June 28. When Fr. Jozo asked her, "How did you feel? Did you feel a joy in your heart?" she said: "There is just no way I can describe my great, great joy when I see her!"
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-  St. Louis Marie de Montfort