Saints Tryphon
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Saints Tryphon (Trypho), Respicius, and Nympha (Ninfa) were martyrs whose feast was observed in the Catholic Church on November 10. Tryphon is said to have been born at Kampsade (Lampsakon) in Phrygia, near Apamea, and as a boy took care of geese. His name is derived from the Greek τρυφη (tryphe) meaning "softness, delicacy".

During the Decian persecution he was taken to Nicaea about the year 250 and put to death in a horrible manner after he had converted the heathen prefect Licius. Fabulous stories are interwoven with his legend. He is greatly venerated in the Greek Orthodox Church which observes his feast on February 1. In this Church he is also the patron saint of gardeners. Many churches were dedicated to him, and the Eastern Emperor, Leo VI the Wise (d. 912), delivered a eulogy upon Tryphon.
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