Pope Voices Concern for Laws on Life and Family
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Greets Ambassador From Colombia

Image VATICAN CITY, FEB. 9, 2007 - Benedict XVI says that legislators should respect life, marriage and the family, issues that he says are of particular concern to him.

The Pope made this comment today on receiving the letters of credence of the new ambassador of Colombia to the Holy See, Juan Gómez Martínez. The ambassador has also served as the mayor of Medellin and governor of the state of Antioquia.

The Holy Father said: "As shepherd of the universal Church, I cannot but express my concern about the laws that regard very delicate questions such as the transmission and defense of life, sickness, the identity of the family and respect of marriage.

"On these topics, and in the light of natural reason, and of the moral and spiritual principles that stem from the Gospel, the Catholic Church will continue proclaiming ceaselessly the inalienable greatness of human dignity."

On this matter, the Pope appealed "to the responsibility of the laity present in legislative bodies, in the government and in the administration of justice, so that the laws will express always the principles and values that are in keeping with the natural law and that promote the genuine common good."

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