Beggining of the Way of the Cross.
Stations of the Cross - THE WAY OF THE CROSS
Dear Friend, THANK YOU for praying the Way of the Cross. I just want write this note of acknowledgment and thanksgiving to Fr.Slavko Barbaric as he is the one that wrote the reflections that we are about to use in our prayer of the Way of the Cross.

We will start with "Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane" and then pray before the fourteen stations of the Way of the Cross and the Prayer before the Cross.

Note that there is a link on the bottom of each of the stations  that will lead you to the next station. Also, there when you click on the "Stations of the Cross" link on the left link-tree will open with direct links to numbered stations.

The stations that that we have here where done by Carmelo Puzzolo and they are the actual stations of the Way of the Cross on Cross Mountain. The photos where taken Feb.21st 2007. by Mate T. Vasilj.

After you conclude the Way of the Cross please leave your mark on the POLL. Thank you.
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