Conversation with Bishop Thomas J. Connolly
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Bishop Connolly and me. Bishop Thomas J. Connolly, former Bishop of Backer OR, US. Born 1922. Ordained Priest 1947. Ordained Bishop 1971. Retired 1999.  

I had the privilege to meet Bishop Thomas J. Connolly today, we meet behind the church, just outside the sacristy.



I asked Bishop Connolly to share with me about his visit to Medjugorje and how did He hear about Medjugorje.

Sr.Elisabeth Sohler S.S.M.O., Bishop Connolly, Irene Richardson and Mary Ann Davis (left to right) Bishop Connolly: I have chosen this pilgrimage purposely to celebrate the 60th anniversary of my priesthood. This is my third visit to Medjugorje.

In the year of 1998. we visited with the Holy Pope John Paul II and in a private audience I had mentioned to him that I was going to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage. He replied “Go and pray!”. As I said, this is my third time here (smile)

Me: What is Your feeling on Medjugorje and how do You experience Medjugorje?

Bishop Connolly: Each time I came, it is different; It is always for me the experience of the faith of the people. Somehow, throughout the years it was answered to me by the visits of the pilgrims. It is not finished, maybe when it’s finished we will be able to come to a more firm conclusion what really has happened here. But the effect on the people is totally marvelous. One of the special graces of Medjugorje is that people come here for confession. That is a conversion experience. Thanks be to God.  

Me: If You where to share a message from Medjugorje to the faithful in Your diocese what would the message be?

Bishop Connolly: I think the encouragement that the Holy Father gave me summarizes it all very beautifully and I can tell that to my people, I can tell that to the press and I can tell that to the world, “Go and pray!”.  

A message to the visitors of your website; Thanks be to God for the faith so beautifully expressed here in Medjugorje. Come.


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