Mary, for Jesus My Redeemer, Make My Heart White like a Lily (II)

White Lilys. O Blessed Virgin, my tender Mother, for Jesus my Redeemer make my heart like a violet and white like a very pure lily. For Him, O my Mother, make my whole being white and humble.

I surprise people by saying that I live to die, that death is a grand idea for me and the direction of my life.

Death is the ultimate grace, the crowning of our Christian life. It is not the end, as many unfortunate souls still too often think. It is the beginning of a beautiful new birth.

"For me, Jesus Christ is my life." To die will be to my advantage since the great effect of death will be to clear away the dark veil, which hides such an adorable wonder from my eyes.

"Everything passes," only God and the soul are immortal.  

Marthe Robin
Private Diary, January 3, 1930


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