Ivan Dragicevic
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was born May 25,1965 to Stanko and Zlata Dragicevic. He has two brothers. Ivan first saw Our Lady on June 24, 1981 when he was 16 years old. Ivan married Loreen Murphy on the 23rd of October 1994 in Boston, MA USA. They have three children. He lives with his family in the United States of America for part of the year and then in Bijakovici, Medjugorje for the other part. Our Lady has entrusted Ivan with nine of the ten secrets and in July of 1982 Our Lady began leading a prayer group through Ivan that gathers to pray twice a week. Ivan still receives daily apparitions. Our lady has asked him to pray especially for priests and the youth.

Ivan’s Children:
Kristina - Marija - 20.10.1995.
Mikaela - 15.01.2000.
Daniel - 09.09.2001.
Matthew - 26.07.2008.
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