A New Heart for Marija
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Marija Marija, a 14 year old little girl from Mostar, has become a favorite among the medical technicians at a hospital in Innsbruck as shefights for her life.  Her artificial heart pumps steadily as she waits for a new, real heart. The surgery will cost 300,000 Euros.

Her family remains distraught that they cannot pay such an enormous amount.

Her mother is quoted in Vecernji List (02.06.2007) as saying that Marija’s heart stopped, but the heart of her family is still beating for her. In tears, her mother, from Medjugorje told reporters that if the family must choose between buying enough bread for the family and helping to pay for a new heart for Marija, they will choose to help Marija because “she has to live as a proof of love”. If you would like to make a donation to funds being collected in Medjugorje for Marija use the info below:

For: Mariji Soče
Bank: UniCredit Zagrebačka banka
Account no: IBAN BA 393381004101087757


(adapted from Vecernji List

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