Merry Christmas dear Medjugroje friends.
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Dear friends, I can not say it better than Fr. Tomislav, I can only join him in his wishes.

Dear Friends in Christ and Our Lady!On the occasion of our great Feast-Day - the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ - I would like to express to all the friends of mine and Medjugorje my deepest prayers, gratefulness for the grace to be united with Medjugorje - the heavenly sign in our times,  where the People of God is being re-born through prayer, conversion, intimate love to Jesus and Mary!
I wish you deep inner peace and joy!
God became man for our sake. On of us in order that we may share His trinitarian life and love. This is the true wonder of this Great Day.
May the Child Jesus find in your heart His place, may he find enough humility and poverty, that he may fill our hearts with His divine bounty. May we all become the manger for Jesus!
With my love and prayers

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Last Updated ( Friday, 13 November 2009 )