The Third Day
News of the apparitions had spread far beyond Bijakovici, and several thousand people gathered on the hill. These people came from many villages in the area - Miletina, Citluk, Ljubuski, and from even greater distances. Vicka reports: “On the third day, we went up Podbrdo again. My grandmother told me to bring Holy water with me. She told me that when Our Lady comes, I should use the Holy water and to make the sign of the Cross. When Our Lady arrived, I used the Holy Water and said, ‘If you are Our Lady stay with us and if you are not, you better go away.’ Our Lady just smiled. I could see the drops of Holy water vanishing in the air. That was a sign, a sure sign for us, that it really was Our Lady.” Jakov, in an interview with Fr. Jozo on June 28, 1981, said: “We asked, ‘Dear Our Lady, why have you come to us?’ She said, ‘I have come because there are many believers here!’ Then she said that all are to be at peace, that all are to be reconciled.” This apparition lasted 30 minutes. Afterwards, the children and the people began to leave the hillside. Marija walked toward the village with some women and suddenly Our Lady reappeared; Marija dropped to her knees. Later, Marija said she had seen a bare cross, formed of all colors of the rainbow but without a corpus, and in front of the cross was Our Lady, in tears, urging: “Peace, peace, only peace. Reconcile yourselves. Peace must take place between God and man and between men.” Her final words were: “Go in God's peace.”
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