Prayer to the Mother of Jesus
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O Holy Virgin, I beg you, enable me to receive Jesus from the Spirit,
according to the same process by which you bore Him.
May my soul possess Jesus thanks to the Spirit
through whom you conceived Jesus.
May the grace to know Jesus
be granted to me through the Spirit
who enabled you to know,
To have and to bring forth Jesus.
May my lowliness show forth the greatness of Jesus
in virtue of the Spirit
in whom you recognized yourself
to be the servant of the Lord,
choosing that it be done unto you
according to the angel's word.
May I love Jesus in that Spirit
in which you adored Him as your Lord
and contemplated Him as your Son.
May I have holy fear of Jesus, just as He,
being God, submitted Himself to his parents.


Saint Ildephonsus of Toledo (d. 677)

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