The Sixth Day
On the sixth day, Monday, the children were again summoned to Citluk by the authorities, and then sent to Mostar, to the neuro-psychiatric department of the Dr. Safet Mujic Hospital. It was expected that the six children would be declared mentally ill, or hallucinatory, etc. In thorough examinations, however, they passed every test and answered all questions without guile or hesitation, so that Dr. Mulija Dzudza declared them sound and healthy. That evening, after they returned home, the children had another vision of the Blessed Virgin. The children first asked her if she was happy that the people were there. She responded with a smile signifying that she was glad. When the children asked her how many days she would spend with them, she answered: “As long as you wish.” Present at the apparition was a little boy named Daniel. He was mute and dumb. The children asked Our Lady, “Will this little boy, Daniel, ever be able to speak? Please make a miracle so that everyone will believe us. These people love you very much. Dear Our Lady! Make one miracle. (She is looking at him.) Dear Our Lady! Say something.” Our Lady responded: “Let them (Daniel's parents) firmly believe that he will be healed. Go in God's peace.”
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