Fr.Slavko Barbaric
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- 11.3.1946 - Born in Dragićina, the son of Marko and Luca (born Stojić)
He attended the primary school in Čerin and High School in Dubrovnik.

- 14.7.1965 - Entered the Franciscan fraternity in Humac.

- 17.9.1971 - Solemn vows in La Verna

- 19.12.1971 - Ordained to priest in Reutte (Austria)
Afterwards, he studied theology in Visoko, Sarajevo, Graz and Freiburg. In Graz he completed his studies and received his master degree.

1973-78 - Pastoral service in the parish of Čapljina (province Herzegovina)

1978-82 - Continuation of studies in Freiburg.
There he did his postgraduate studies and obtained a doctorate in religious pedagogy and the title of psychotherapist.

1982-84 - Served as students' chaplain in Mostar
In Mostar he lead Prayer seminars in the house of nuns in Bijelo Polje, near Mostar. Because of the fruitful work with young people and his prayer seminars, taken by students very well, the communist authorities of that time started to persecute Fr. Slavko.

1982-2000 - Work in Medjugorje
Thanks to his knowledge of the main European languages, in spite of the many obligations he had in the parishes he was affiliated with, brother Slavko already started with his unforgettable work in Medjugorje after he returned from his studies in 1982 and consecrated every free moment to work with pilgrims in Medjugorje.

1983-85 - Officially transferred to Medjugorje.

1985-88 - Transferred to Blagaj
On the request of bishop Žanić 1985, moved to the parish Blagaj (near Mostar) where he was parish vicar.

1988-91 - Moved to Humac (Ljubuški)
The he was assistant master of novices and also parish vicar.

1991-2000 - At the beginning of the war in BiH, when all elderly friars were exiled to Tučepi, with the oral accord of + father Drago Tolj, former provincial, father Slavko remained at Međugorje.

24.11.2000 - Born into Heaven
He died at 3.30 p.m. After the Way of the Cross, that that he led usually every Friday on the Hill of Krizevac for parishioners and pilgrims, he felt some pain. He sat down on a rock, then lay down on the ground, lost consciousness and gave his soul over to the Lord.

Man of a Word:


"Pray With the Heart"
"Give me Your Wounded Heart"
"Celebrate the Mass with our Heart"
"In the School of Love"
"Bow to My Son With the Heart"
"With Jesus and Mary to Golgotha up to Resurrection"
"Pray Together with a Happy Heart"
"Mother Lead Us to Peace"
"Follow Me with Your Heart"
"Fast with the Heart"
These books were translated into more than twenty languages and more than 20 million copies have been printed all over the world.
He also published many articles in various journals and was working of the "Bulletin of Saint Francis" in Čapljina, assisted in "Kršni Zavičaj", "Glas Mira" and "Radio Mir" Međugorje.

Man opened to others
Because of great losses during the war he personally founded and lead "Mothers Village", an institution for nurturing and care.
His psychotherapeutic formation and education allowed him to work with drug addicts in the Community of the "Cenacolo", founded by Sister Elvira, mostly in their house in Medjugorje, “Campo della vita”.
He oriented the help received from the whole world in two directions: “Foundation for Children of Deceased Defenders” who died during the war, and “Foundation of Friends the Talented” to help students.


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