Easter Egg from the Heart
Photo by Marija Vasilj - Thank you Marija. Dear friends, an interesting project was started by the Tourist Association of Koprivnica -Krizevci region of Croatia. This region is know to the world by it’s school of Naïve art, in fact, this is the area where this type of art was born. A number of world famous artists come from this place i.e. Ivan Lackovic Croata, Franjo Mraz,… Minimalistic and detailed drawings mainly oil on glass, quite fascinating. I must add that this is my favorite type of visual arts. To get back to how is this connected to Medjugorje: as you all know there is a tradition to paint eggs for the Easter season, well, this project does exactly that but they paint eggs that are about 7 feet high. These eggs are sent around the world as gifts to chosen people, churches, towns… Medjugorje is one of them :-) other eggs were sent to the Vatican, the city Zagreb, Paris, New York and so on.  The little ceremony of the presentation of this egg in Medjugorje will take place Monday at noon.

A friend of mine happened to be at the spot as they were unloading the crate and took a picture that I am sharing with all of you. Please click read more on the right to see more of these peculiar master peaces.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )