Nov. 24th 2000 - Nov. 24th 2010
November 24th at 3:30 pm it will be exactly ten years since our belowed Father Slavko Barbaric, OFM was born in to heaven. The children and the employees of "Mother's Village" in a special way relive this month  of November. Lots of small, everyday things and obligations begin to remind us of those last days and moments of living together with Fr. Slavko. Nature and flowers in the fall, chrysanthemums and candles come back to us images and feelings of disbelief, sadness and fear those first days of life without him. 
Now we glance more down the bronze statue of Father Slavko, set in the middle of the village for the first anniversary of his death. As if once again we want to hear his greeting, a word of encouragement or to share with him his thoughts and desires.

The last thoughts father shared atop of Cross Mountain were the prayer for the next person that will pass on to the next life and a few minutes later he passed on. Let us unite in prayer for Fr. Slavko's soul and for the soul of the next person to join him. God Bless you father and thank you for all of your great gifts you left behind.

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