News For Growing Christians - Pope Benedict XVI's Surprising Shout out to Medjugorje "Evangelizers"


Pope Benedict XVI last week made worldwide headlines with his comments on condom use.

A couple of days ago the Pope made a surprise reference to yet another controversial subject - Medjugore The Holy See, two days ago in a talk to the general audience, specifically acknowledged the Medjugorje parish and he encouraged the faithful from Medjugorje to be "evangelizers of God’s love in your nation". Not so surprising, the Catholic press, ignored the the Pope's reference to an event that has moved millions of Catholics into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Two days ago at the end of the general audience, during part of the greeting of groups in different languages, the Pope addressed the Croatian crowd of pilgrims: “I greet all Croatian pilgrims,and especially those from the parish of St James, Medjugorje!Your pilgrimage to Rome is part of the way of preparation for the coming of the Lord. Therefore, in hope, be evangelizers of God’s love in your nation. May God bless you.” Benedict was very particular in emphasising and including the pilgrims from St James parish in Medjugorje. Reasons for doing this remain unclear.

Pope Benedict XVI is clearly aware that the world hangs onto every word he says. Just think of the international eruption that occurred after the Holy See spoke about the morality of condom use.

Last month Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suggested the Catholic faithful should have the courage to embrace the supernatural and that they should have an open mind to the miraculous. The Supreme Court Justice then cited Medjugorje as an example of mysteries that should not be dismissed out of hand. Judge Scalia then disdainfully implied that the Catholic press ignores such events because "The wise do not investigate such silliness.”

Cardinal Shonborn two months ago invited visionaries from Medjugorje to his Church in Vienna. Schonborn is the Editor Director of the Catholic Catechism the single most important reference work on Catholic doctrine today. This event was completely ignored by the Catholic press.

And now we have the Pope in Rome mentioning Medjugorje and smiling and waving to the pilgrims from Croatia. has been actively investigating the editorial policies of the important American Catholic press organizations including influential bloggers and opinion makers and it is becoming increasingly clear that the Catholic press here in the United States has essentially established an embargo against anything that portrays Medjugorje in a positive light.

Denis Nolen of Mary TV writes "Catholic journalist and editor Cathy Odell lamented to me years ago: "As a journalist I've never seen anything like it in my life. It's as if the
Catholic media in this country wants to hide its head in a hole in the ground
and hope that Medjugorje goes away!" A Catholic newspaper had commissioned
her to write an article on Medjugorje. By the time she sent it in a new editor
for the paper had been named, who had instituted a new policy: the word
"Medjugorje" could not appear in the paper!"

Creative Minority Report, a popular Catholic Blog run by journalists Mat and Pat Archbold who write for National Catholic Register, say "As long time readers of CMR (Creative Minority Report)are aware, we discuss almost every thing on this blog. Almost. There is one topic not to be discussed here, until now. The M-word. Yes, Medjugorje" ..(editors note: The Arnold brothers found it amusing to brand Medjugorje with the "M" word tag perhaps hoping to add the quip to the American lexicon right along side the "N" word and the "F" word classics. LMOL Archbold brothers.) has also asked repeatedly Managing Editor of National Catholic Reporter Denis Coday to give us his comments on Cardinal Shonborn's activities surrounding Medjugorje. We suggested this is an important story to millions of Catholics around the world. We asked " A a close friend of the Pope invited two Visionaries to his Church and is telling the world that the Blessed Mother may in fact be here on earth today - is that not indeed a news worthy story?"- His answer - condescending silence.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 December 2012 )