Sunday, Feb. 5th

Copyright Mate T. Vasilj Today was a nice sunny day, the snow is still here and still well over 3 feet, it has been a challenge to get up to the apparition hill today but I made it. I took a bunch of photos so there is no need to write much when the photos say it all. I will post them slowly so we do not over load the site. 

According to the weatherman, we are to expect more snow through the night and tomorrow, I wonder when will this come to an end? Everybody is talking about the global warming, is this global cooling or is it linked to the global warming somewhere.

A friend sent an email from Australia this morning, telling me that they are having a nice summer weather there and that the temp. is a bit over 95F, it was like a smack on the face after I shoveled for an hour or so.

Copyright Mate T. Vasilj

Short sum of video clips will be up on, tune in and check them out. Thank you.

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