Pilgrimage to St. Tryphon - Kotor
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Image The trip was lovely, well worth the early (3:30 am) start. The ride started out OK until bus no. 15, our bus broke down. After fiddling with the engine for a while the driver decided he could not do a thing to get us going with this bus. An hour or so passed we got two vans instead and we where on the road again. It was already 6:30 am and we are far behind the other 14 buses but we still had the baby bus no. 16 behind us. We drove along the coast, we passed Klek, Neum, Dubrovnik and finally reached the Croatian - Montenegro border another 40 min. before we get to Kotor. The nice people on my van made the trip so much fun and as God provided us with the little speedy van we reached Kotor just a few minutes behind the other 14 buses. Praise GOD, we got there safe and sound and on time for the Holy Mass.

Fr. Mika Stojic, the Dean of the Deanery of Brotnjo, a true Franciscan trooper, got us all there with our yellow caps. I got to say that we where quite distinctive. There where quite a few people there. They came from all over, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia… but the Deanery of Brotnjo, our Deanery, with our Franciscans and our yellow caps where the ones that occupied the town in the real sense of the word, there where 736 of us. Anyhow, it is time for me to stop writing “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I got quite of few of those. My friend Vlatka and her sister Tihana helped me quite a bit. Take a look, click HERE then select “Other albums” and then select “Pilgrimage - Kotor”. Peace.

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