April 30th 2012

It is April 30th today, I am just stopping by to share a few words on this week. May 1st is the so called Labor Day (of Europe), I think the whole Italy moved to Medjugorje. :) I've lived here throughout my whole life and I've been around on most of the busy events through the years and I will say this with a clear conscience, I've never seen Medjugorje this busy. There are people still looking for a bed to sleep, there are some groups that arrived hoping they will find accommodation once they arrive since they were not able to do it by the phone/email, they ended up sleeping in the van. :(

I went to the evening mass last night and the whole space behind the church, all of the benches and all of the lawn was packed. It was pretty impressive but also quite intriguing, I wonder where did they all find accommodation?

I will write more later and I hope to post some photos.

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