Our Lady's message given through Mirjana, Nov. 2nd 201

Dear children,
looking at you gathered around Me, Your Mother, I see many souls as well, many of my children seeking love and consolation but no one offers it. I also see those who hurt: because they do not have a good example because they have not known my Son, the good that silently spreads through souls, the power that holds this world. Sins are many, but there is love too!
My son sends you to Me, your mother, so that you can teach them to love and understand that you are all brothers. He wants to help you. Apostles of my love are enough to have a living desire for faith and love because my Son accepts you, but you must be worthy, have good will and open hearts.
My Son comes into the open hearts. As Mother, I want you to know more about my Son, God-born of God, so that you understand the greatness of His love you need so much.
He has taken your sins on you, has obtained the redemption for you and in return has asked you to love one another. My Son is love. He loves all men without distinction, men of all countries and all peoples. If you would live, my children, the love of my Son, His kingdom would already be on earth, so apostles of my love pray, pray for my Son and His love to be closer to being a love example and able to help all those who have not yet known him. Never forget that my only, beloved Son loves you. Pray and love your shepherds. Thank you.


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