Interview with Vicka Mijatovic
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1. Q. Do you know when the first secret to unfold?

A. No.


2. Q. I would really like to ask Vicka or Jacov what is the best way to pray for those who are suffering, is it for healing or for God’s will to be done. In fact, any insight into praying for those who are ill or suffering would be really helpful.

A. The best way is to pray for the realization of Our Lady’s and God’s plans. Our Lady knows what we need and what our friends need. She knows that they suffer and how much they suffer. We pray for the realization of Their plans and They know what is the best and when it is the best.




3. Q. Do the visionaries get a stipend?

A. If we serve for God’s glory, if we are living Our Lady’s messages and are chosen by Her, we don’t need to worry at all. I don’t. And I recommend to others not to. Whoever God chooses God provides for, so long as he lives according to His will.


4. Q. Is it true that Mary has said Medjugorje is the last place she will appear on earth?

A. Our Lady expressly said that this is the last apparition on earth in this manner (way).

Q. What does this mean?

A. In the way that she is coming now, She will not come again.


5. Q. Is Mary pleased with the number of Pilgrims coming to Medjugorje?

A. Our Lady says “I rejoice in every pilgrim who comes here.” As far as Our Lady is concerned, the response could be greater. She says “when you return home I desire for you to be witnesses of my presence and my message; and that with your heart and love you transmit this to others around you.” As far as numbers are concerned, she could be more pleased.


6. Q. Has Mary noted (as I have) the number of pilgrims that seem indifferent about the happenings at Medjugorje while there. For instance they smoke and chat while the Rosary is recited at Church in the evening and at the time Mary is appearing to the visionaries?

A. Our Lady calls. She is here and is calling. It is up to each individual how to respond. If someone is outside smoking that is his choice and we do not need to be scandalized by him. We must accept how much we need to pray for such individuals. Our Lady called them and brought them. Now we need to be those who will help them. Our Lady says, with your words and your judgments you can not do anything – you can only push them further so that they are even worse. With your life and example try to do something to draw them closer.


7. Q. How do the visionaries remember what they have just heard as it is often quite a long message?

A. As far as messages are concerned, Our Lady gives us only as long a message as can be remembered. Not a single word is forgotten. She never says too much or too little but only as much as can be remembered.


8. Q. I know that Mary keeps asking us to pray, pray, pray but what else does God specifically ask of us?

A. If we start to do what Our Lady asks, namely to pray, pray, pray, then, on our own, step by step, in our hearts we feel what we are to do. The essence of all is to begin. If we respond with the heart and desire to accept what Our Lady asks, there will be no problem. It is up to us.


9. Q. Have there ever been any people present with the visionaries during an apparition who, although not being able to see the Blessed Virgin Mary, have felt her presence somehow? If so, how was Her presence felt?

A. Many people during the apparition say that they experienced various things, but that is personal. It can not be described. They need to be asked personally to give a direct answer.


10. Q. Will there be such an event where everyone will for a brief moment, see their souls as God sees them.

A. Our Lady says that this time now is a time of great grace. Every person has an opportunity for salvation of his soul. It is up to us how much we will respond and accept the call. We are not to wait for the last moment. It is time to begin.


11. Q. How can we not be afraid of the 10 secrets?  How can we still our minds and know that God is in control when there is war and such ugliness in the world now?

A. In essence, there is nothing to fear. What Our Lady gives is for the future. We still have time to soothe the secrets. That is why fear is not in question. Our Lady says that if we are afraid it comes from the other side, not from God. Therefore, we must free our selves of that fear. We must pray sincerely and with the heart. We must listen to Our Lady and help Her to soothe these secrets.

Q. How can we soothe this fear?

A. An open heart is the most important along with faith in God. No one can say I believe in God only with words. Every one of us must witness his faith and pray for the gift of faith. Our Lady says that faith is a great gift of God. It depends on us how much we want to live that gift. We must pray every day for that gift to grow in our hearts.


nterview with Vicka Mijatovic was conducted by Mate T. Vasilj on January 17th, 2007.

The questions where selected from those sent over the second week of January 2007,  through the website of

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