Dec.02.2006. Our Lady's message through Mirjana Soldo

Dear children,

 In this joyful time of expectation of my Son, I desire that all the days of your earthly life may be a joyful


expectation of my Son.  I am calling you to holiness.  I call you to be my apostles of holiness so that, through you, the Good News may illuminate all those whom you will meet.  Fast and pray, and I will be with you.

Thank you!


Dear children,
My coming to you, my children, is God's love.  God is sending me to warn you and to show you the right way. Do not shut your eyes before the truth, my children. Your time is a short time.  Do not permit delusions to begin to rule over you. The way on which I desire to lead you is the way of peace and love.  This is the way which leads to my Son, your God.  Give me your hearts that I may put my Son in them and make my apostles of you - apostles of peace and love. Thank you!
Afterwards, in conclusion, Our Lady said for us not to forget our shepherds in our prayers.


Dear children, In these peaceless times I am coming to you to show you the way to peace.

I love you with an immeasurable love and I desire for you to love each other and to see in

everyone my Son – the immeasurable love. The way to peace leads solely and only through love. Give your hand to me, your mother, and permit me to lead you. I am the Queen of peace. Thank you

Mirjana added:

„Again, after a long time, I saw the sky opening and

then a sign of a Cross, a heart and the sun“.

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